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Diego Caleiro

Philosopher, EA, and Biological Anthropologist

I’ve warned you! But I shouldn’t have

Among close friends, or even within the family, the use of SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) can be a delicate topic, it may come with connotations of depression, suicidal behaviour, and can be emotionally marginalizing. A new scientific review may further entangle this already vexing situation, in the study (Isacsson, G. & Alhner, J. 2013)… Read More »I’ve warned you! But I shouldn’t have

The Cultural Cost of Placebo

A recent poll says that nearly all General Practitioners in the UK have given placebos to at least one of their patients. The story can be seen here:   Everyone loves placebos. If you are a scientist, placebo shows an incredible feat of the human body, and interesting interactions between our psychology and the biology… Read More »The Cultural Cost of Placebo