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Don’t forget to vote in the Drugs in Sport debate

Would relaxing the ban on doping lead to a fairer, safer sporting field with a better spectacle for audiences? Or would it distort and undermine the very nature of sporting endeavour and run contrary to the virtues that are the essence of sport?

What have the debaters got right and where have they gone wrong? Have they addressed the most important questions for you? Would you go to watch an 'enhanced' Olympics/Tour de France, or would you prefer a drug-free version? Which would be better for athletes, for spectators and for society?

The Oxford Debates website will be open for comments and for voting
until the end of this week (9th July). Make sure that you have your say, and cast your vote!

You can find all of the debaters' arguments in our Debate Special Edition, along with a number of related papers, blogs and resources

(Image Alan Cleaver)

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