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How to Improve on Bolt’s Performance

You might think after Usain Bolt’s almost superhuman performances in the 100 and 200 m that the war on doping has been won. However winning one battle is not winning the war. As the example of Lyudmila Blonska shows, doping is still occurring. It is almost certain that there are other medals and world records that were achieved by athletes who were doping but were not caught. The sophistication  of the technology means that just because we are picking up fewer positive tests, it does not mean that there are fewer athletes doping

Bolt’s performances press the very limits of human biology. If we want to continue to see records broken into the second half of this century, we need to gradually embrace the use of our knowledge not just to improve equipment and training, not just to identify natural substances like caffeine that improve performance, but also to directly affect the body’s ability to repair and to perform.

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