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One step closer to human cloning

Scientists in Korea have for the first time successfully cloned a dog commercially. Cloning of dogs is notoriously difficult. This brings us closer to human cloning.

The film Boys from Brazil , made in the earlier 80s, portrayed accurately and vividly the process of cloning that produced Dolly.

The later film The Sixth Day depicted not just cloning of the genome of a human being, like what scientists in Korea have done for a dog, but copying an entire living human being -true human cloning – by producing a copy of the bodies and transferring all the mental states, including memories, attitudes, abilities and all characteristics of the person. This is done by the imaginary process of cerebral syncoiding.

The road to human cloning began, in The Sixth Day, with Repet – a company that cloned dead pets.

Science fiction film has once successfully predicted the future. Will it again?

Julian Savulescu

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