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Addiction special edition

We will have more blog posts relating to the ethics of addiction and Walter Sinnot Armstrong's talk over the next 24 hours, but here are a number of related papers by members of the centre provided here as a library resource (UPDATED 26/5/10)

Leverhulme lecture:

Walter Sinnot Armstrong "Are Addicts Responsible?" (pdf) 25/5/10


Bennett Foddy Addicted to Food, Hungry for drugs Neuroethics 2010

Bennett Foddy and Julian Savulescu A liberal account of addiction PPP 2010

Bennett Foddy and Julian Savulescu Addiction and autonomy: can addicted people consent to the prescription of their drug of addiction? Bioethics 2006

Savulescu, J., Foddy, B., (2007). ‘Addiction Is Not an Affliction: Addictive Desires Are Merely Pleasure‐Oriented Desires’, American Journal of Bioethics. January, 7 (1):29‐32; 

Savulescu, J., Foddy, B. (2006). ‘Autonomy, Addiction and the Drive to Pleasure: Designing Drugs and our Biology: A Reply to Neil Levy’. Bioethics 20 (1) : 21‐23

Hannah Pickard and Steve Pearce Addiction in Context: Philosophical Lessons from the Clinic


Dominic Wilkinson The hammer or the nail – are addicts morally responsible?

Julian Savulescu Why

drugs should be legalised

*UPDATED 26/5/10 – added links to Pickard/Pearce paper and Walter Sinnot-Armstrong's presentation

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