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Comments on Practicalethicsnews

Practicalethicsnews is now 2 1/2 years old, and continues to grow. We are keen to improve this blog further, and are going to make a few changes in coming weeks.

One change that we are trialling is an alteration to our comments policy. We are keen to encourage readers of our blog, including those who do
not have a background in philosophy/ethics, to respond to posts and
to engage in debate with our authors, and with each other. Comments will no longer be moderated, and should appear instantly.

should be polite, concise and relevant to the topic. Authors will
respond to comments where possible, though may not respond to comments
on old posts.

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2 Comment on this post

  1. The original posters should care enough about what they’re posting to actually join the dialog in the comments section. Why else have a comments section at all?

  2. Dominic Wilkinson

    Thanks Jona,

    As I noted, our authors will try to respond to comments, though are not always in a position to do so. Comments are a way for readers to take part in the debate, to highlight questions of their own, as well as to challenge arguments that they disagree with.


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