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Synthetic life special edition

Blogs, papers and other resources relating to news of first synthetic life form

Updated 27/05/10


Julian Savulescu interviewed on virtual Philosopher

Blogs on practicalethicsnews

Anders Sandberg: Today we lost the drug war

Bennett Foddy: Synthetic biology: eroding the moral distinctions between animate and inanimate.

Julian Savulescu:Playing God for the first time…

Tom Douglas:Venter creates bacterium controlled by a synthetic genome

Julian Savulescu: Changing
the Building Blocks of Life: Playing God and Being gods

Anders Sandberg: Humane Evolution

Blogs elsewhere:

Art Caplan: “What Does It Mean to Be Alive?”

Tom Douglas and Julian Savulescu Artificial life means man can truly play God ABC The Drum Unleashed

William Crawley But is it really “artificial life”? Will and Testament blog BBC


Dual-Use Dilemma
, UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

Flip Side of Scientific Freedom
, UK Parliamentary Office of Science
and Technology 2009.

Selgelid & Weir, Reflections
on the synthetic production of poliovirus
, Bulletin of the Atomic
Scientists 2010.

Selgelid & Weir, The
Mousepox Experience
, EMBO Reports 2010.

Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome Gibson, Venter, Science 20/5/10

Media Reports and commentaries:

Ethics Concern over synthetic cell BBC

Julian Savulescu A matter of synthetic life and death: Venter’s artificial organism invention is fraught with peril NY Daily News

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