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Reducing Religious Conflict conference podcasts now available


Dear all,

Podcasts of the papers presented at the recent ‘Reducing Religious Conflict’ conference held in Oxford 18-19 June 2012 are now available at:

Presentations at the conference included:

  • Scott Atran, Anthropology (University of Michigan and National Center for Scientific Research Paris)
    Religious and Sacred Imperatives in Human Conflict
  • Liz Carmichael (Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford)
    Religion in Conflict and Peacemaking, with Particular Reference to South Africa
  • Tony Coady (Philosophy, University of Melbourne and Leverhulme Visiting Professor, University of Oxford) 
    Civility and Deep Disagreement: Philosophical Reflections on Religious Differences and Public Life
  • Eran Halperin (Lauder School of Government, Israel)
    Can Emotion Regulation Change Political Attitudes in Intractable and Religious Conflict? From the Laboratory to the Field
  • Miles Hewstone ( Katarina Schmid and Ananthi Al Ramiah, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford)
    Intergroup Contact as a Means of Reducing Religious Conflict: Evidence from Belfast and Oldham
  • Julian Savulescu (Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford) and Ingmar Persson (University of Gothenburg and Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford)
    Religion and Religious Conflict: A Secular View
  • Monica Toft (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University)
    On Counterinsurgency
  • Paul Troop (Faculty of Law and Centre for Neuroethics, University of Oxford)
    How Might Understanding Human Groups Help Address Religious Conflict?

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