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Football scandal shapes the future of a one world government

A recent football scandal has broken to the surface of what is likely a deep swamp of corruption. At least 680 matches are dubious, probably many more. But how come law enforcement haven’t been able to stamp out this epidemic? Well, as stated:

We are organized in Singapore, I flew from Budapest, the match is in Finland, we’re wagering in the Philippines using masked computer clusters from Bangkok to Jakarta. Our communications are refracted across so many cell networks and satellites that they’re almost impossible to unravel. The money will move electronically, incomprehensibly, through a hundred different nowheres.

No current legal system can cope. But legal football is huge business – if the current scandals persist, and start biting into the clubs’ bottom lines, they will put huge pressure on legal authorities to clamp down (or to seem to clamp down). And if not football, then the next major industry suffering from organised crime more than they benefit from it.

Or the industry after that, or the one after that. This means that there will be periodic outbreaks of corporate pressure for effective transnational crime fighting, and for integration and uniformisation of legal systems. And once these goals have been achieved, they will probably prove impossible to reverse.

For a long time, the dream of one world government has seemed the remit of idealists: why, in practice, would countries want to put aside their differences and submit to a central authority? But now it seems that there will be great commercial and practical pressure for one aspect of a one world government: for a unified planetary legal system.

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  1. I think this corruption is being set up so when the one world government comes this will give it an excuse for one law for all world wide


    I ask who’s culture will the law follow, who will dictate it and who will control it.

    These are very difficult and important questions I ask and it is imperitive you must answer. This effects all

  2. I hope Ombama dosent have to control the whole world.We, millions of people around the world,are not agree for this scandall.
    papua new guinea

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