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Video Series: Peter Singer on Vegetarianism

Is it okay to eat one hamburger per year? Is it acceptable to eat a hamburger made from a  ‘happy cow’? The production of crops may result in more animals killed than the production of meat from grass-fed cattle and sheep – does this mean we should eat more meat and less crops? Should we eat insects? Should we try to reduce the suffering of wild animals? In this interview with Katrien Devolder, Professor Peter Singer (Princeton, Melbourne) provides an answer to these, and other questions related to vegetarianism and animal welfare, and offers some practical advice for those who care about animal suffering but can’t resist eating meat…



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  1. Singer seems to think that it’s morally permissible to eat animals genetically engineered to feel no pain at all, but at the same time he seems to think that some animals have rights or should be recognized as having rights. How is this consistent? If some animals have rights, then it does not matter whether they cannot feel pain; as per their rights it should still be *impermissible* to eat them…

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