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Hornless Cattle – Is Gene Editing The Best Solution?

In this talk [AUDIO + SLIDES], Prof. Peter Sandøe (Philosophy, Copenhagen University), argues that, from an ethical viewpoint, gene editing is the best solution to produce hornless cattle. There are, however, regulatory hurdles. (Presented at the workshop ‘Gene Editing and Animal Welfare’, 19 Nov. 2019, Oxford – organised by Adam Shriver, Katrien Devolder, and The Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics; funded by the Society for Applied Philosophy.)



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  1. What is the ethical difference between docking the tails of dog breeds for the sake of human taste and removing the horns of beasts for the sake of farming? What difference exists between gene editing for dogs tails and gene editing for hornless cattle, both of which would be conducted for the sake of humans.

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