2 Responses to Mandatory Vaccination Should Be Selective, Not General

  • Ian says:

    Concepts like mandatory, enforced, forced, penalties, fines, limitations and restrictions are all negatively based concepts which currently form the focus of the majority of the COVID and vaccination conversations. Whilst differentiating between the young and older populations promotes dysfunctional potential. Historically the social value gained from mature minds (generally more numerous in elders within populations) has considerably benefited mankind; perspectives regarding those particular benefits are likely being eroded by the predominating dialogues which will encourage a different view of the elderly as well as affecting the main justifications for health services, which should be of concern. Judging by some of the coverage of the subject over the past two years this potential appears to have been partially realised by others.

  • Luna says:

    I would argue that since vaccination is a lesser burden on most people than lockdowns, masks, and social distancing that mandatory vaccination CAN be justified even to people who might not benefit much from the vaccine.

    Vaccinations are as much about herd immunity, as individual protection and when people are being asked to give up so much of their lives-jobs, family, hobbies, public transit, school- and other worthy societal projects are being put on hold because the pandemic dominates every aspect of life…………..sometimes the rights of people who would like to lead a more normal life, and see other societal concerns come off the backburner should take precedence over those who simply don’t want the vaccine, and even belief rightly or not, that the risk isn’t worth the benefit.

    However, except for the people with a clear medical reason to avoid the vaccine, risking Covid-19 is much more dangerous.