One Response to We Need To Have A Conversation About “We Need To Have A Conversation”

  • Paul D. Van Pelt says:

    I think it is a place-holder or even (shiver) a meme. I don’t know what Dawkins thinks of the proliferation of the term but imagine he is smiling. I have written of some of this, attributing it to mass and popular culture on one hand and the drama of the times on another. Some bon mot remarks are what I call educated inference. They make the commenter sound like a public intellectual. Intelligent folks have trouble resisting this temptation. Drama, Extremism. Exaggeration. These are representations of what many value now. Ordinary just does not raise the hairs on the back of one’s neck. It is not sufficient to say that one was devastated by a bit of bad news. One must say he/she was totally devastated—otherwise, it was only a slight set-back. So, there’s my take, based on quiet observation.

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