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The Situational Judgement Test – a great tool for the wrong job?

Next week, thousands of final year medical students will sit a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) as part of the application for their first medical jobs. This will be the second year that the Foundation School Application System (FPAS) has used the SJT, which was developed by the Improving Selection to the Foundation Programme group (ISFP), and replaced the resource-intensive and perceived-unreliable short-answer questionnaires of the previous application process.Read More »The Situational Judgement Test – a great tool for the wrong job?

A not-so-great escape: suicide in prison

Christian Brown is a newly qualified junior doctor with an interest in psychiatry and ethics. 

Early last month, Ariel Castro, convicted kidnapper, rapist, and murderer, used a bed sheet and a window-ledge to commit suicide in his prison cell. He was just four weeks into a life sentence. Recently on this blog, Rebecca Roache wrote a post about the possibility of enhancing prison sentences – today, I’d like to consider the right-to-die of inmates, and the role of medical professionals in their suicidal behaviour.

Inside the walls of our high security prisons, small numbers of prisoners face life-long sentences, deprived of all but the minimum of human contact, and confined for most of the day to their cells. Some people argue that it can be rational to commit suicide – for the purposes of this post, I’ll refer to suicidal acts which are voluntary, informed, and the individual shown to have mental capacity, as ‘rational suicide’. If one accepts this, it is hard to imagine a more subjectively powerful circumstance in which to kill oneself than at the outset of a life sentence. Indeed, suicide rates among prisoners are around six times higher than those of the general male population. Of course, a proportion of these cases will not meet the criteria for ‘rational suicide’, but let’s consider those that do.Read More »A not-so-great escape: suicide in prison