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Good drug, bad drug?

News The Lancet has published two articles on the efficacy and safety of the anti-obesity drug Acomplia.  This has been widely reported in the news as showing that patients using the drug have well over double the risk of depression and anxiety.  This comes on top of US studies linking Acomplia to suicidal thoughts. Commentary… Read More »Good drug, bad drug?

Home medical diagnosis

The earlier we can diagnose serious illnesses, the more we can do to cure them. Many advances have been made in diagnosis over the last century, but a serious bottleneck has remained. The patients need to come to a medical practitioner in order to be diagnosed and this means that they need to wait for… Read More »Home medical diagnosis

Fat Taxes and the Nanny State

Two reports published today make recommendations about the way in which obesity should be treated in the UK. These two reports, Public Health: Ethical Issues produced by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics and British Fertility Society’s guidelines on the effect of obesity on female reproductive health both contain important analysis of the role of the… Read More »Fat Taxes and the Nanny State