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Announcing the Winners and Runners Up in the 10th Annual National Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics

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Please join us in congratulating all four of the finalists in the National Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics 2024, and in particular our winners, Wyatt Radzin and Jakob Lohmar. We would also like to thank our judges, Prof Roger CrispProf Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Dr Cristina Voinea.

This, the final of the 10th Annual National Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics, was held on the 12th March in the Seminar Room of the Faculty of Philosophy, as well as online. During the final the four finalists presented their papers and ideas to an audience and responded to a short Q&A as the deciding round in the competition. A selection of the winning essays and honourable mentions will be published on this blog.

Undergraduate Category

Winner: Wyatt Radzin: How to Say Things With Acts: Consumption as Language.

Runner Up: Ayesha Chakravarti: Feminist in the streets, sadomasochist in the sheets: Are you morally aligning yourself with women’s subordination if you engage in consensually inegalitarian sexual relationships?

Honourable Mentions: David Logan: When Eating Meat is OK: A Defence of Benign Carnivorism

Gabriel McWilliams: To What Extent Has Aristotle’s Conception of a Virtuous Character Remained Relevant in the Face of Situationist Criticism?

Graduate Category

Winner: Jakob Lohmar: The Moral Importance of Low Welfare Species

Runner Up: Theodore Naylor: Do Living-Wills Have Autonomous Authority When Applied to Patients in Advanced Stages of Dementia?

Honourable Mentions: Alexander (Sasha) Arridge: In Defence of Defensive Prejudice: Why We Should Believe That Men Are Trash

Esther Braun: Should We Prohibit Mitochondrial Replacement Techniques for Treating Infertility?

Beatrice Marchegiani: Undisclosed Conversational AIs: A Threat to Users’ Autonomy

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